Changing Hues: A Thermal Collection

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Thank you for reading the Joy Lacquer newsletter!  This page contains a bit of information on two upcoming release dates that you might not be aware of.

February 11th, at 9pm PST, the launch of Changing Hues will begin at – This collection consists of 4 thermals and 3 chrome flake/ microglitter polishes.  They are truly spectacular!  The collection is $63 for all seven colors and comes with a free gift! The gift is a full size polish called Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  It’s a sweet little cluster of every color glitter imaginable, in all shapes and sizes, and has a semi-translucent linear holographic base. It’s truly the perfect topper to change your hue and spruce up or accent your manicure.  Polishes are $10 each or $63 for the collection of eight (including the rainbow glitter).  Somewhere Over the Rainbow will not be available for purchase separately.  

A Mini Indied with kicker square 2Pre-order for the Mini Indied Box begins on Valentine’s Day – February 14th at 9pm PST.  This box is comprised of ten mini sized polishes from ten indie makers.  The cost is $35 plus shipping.  The box is offered during pre-order only, so your window of opportunity is only three days.  The pre-order closes on Wednesday! Please plan ahead if this is something you missed out on last time! No extra boxes will be made.  Boxes will be curated and shipped by February 29th.

 coconut staycationOn Valentine’s Day weekend, you may want to look around the store under the Butters & Body category as well.  Cuticle Whip is a new product and comes in two scrumptious scents.  It’s a whipped moisturizer that goes on light and absorbs in minutes.  Made with aloe, shea and coconut oil, it will help revive dry cuticles.  Butter Creme Bars are another new item.  Introducing rich cocoa and shea butter cremes, put in twist up sticks for lotion on the go!  Excellent for dry hands or knuckles, heels and elbows.  Also offered in two fragrances.

Please join us in the Facebook fan group, Joyful Fingers: A Joy Lacquer Fan Page for sneak peaks and gorgeous macros of these colors and more!  There, we also play bingo for polish, host twinning contests and have arranged bi-monthly themes from which to base your manicure inspirations.  There will be an exclusive members coupon code, good only for Friday the 12th

Joyful fingers coverThank you for reading and thank you for your support!




News from the Lab: Joy is Seeing Red!

This month I was offered another exciting opportunity to work with the Rock it Like a Redhead team.  The Seattle August event, How to be a Redhead, where we had a manicure table and were also featured in their VIP swag bags, now has their own subscription box!  Joy Lacquer polish will be appearing in their November box!  The founders, Adrienne and Stephanie premiered their box in October and we chose to be involved with the November edition, so we coul12071787_10153632985612505_151580406_nd roll out a fun red polish for Christmas.  We love our cheeky red names so we call it “Santa Says I’m Naughty.”  This is bright tomato-y red with a white sheen.  Perfect for nail art and is a subtle tweak off the usual candy cane red polishes that will be abundant during the holiday months.

We will offer this color as part of our holiday trios, in our store starting Black Friday, but for more information on how to get your own H2BAR box see their website This is the worlds first and only subscription box for redheads and is filled with redhead friendly, chemical free, beauty products.
“H2BAR is the acronym for How to be a Redhead. Founded by sisters, Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti, the brand has been featured in the world’s top publications: The New York Times, ABCNews, Refinery29, SHAPE Magazine.. and many more.”

News from the Lab: Gold To Me

Ben Harper has long been my favorite artist.  Starting with his debut in 1994, I became a forever fan of his indie-gospel sounding, lullaby-funk.  (Is that a thing?)

The four colors I made for the month of September are inspired by four of my favorite songs.

The Three of Us is a pink smooth scattered holo. Unlike most scattered holos, where the base is a color with holo added, this is a holo base with a bit of color added. The result is an amazing dimensional deep pink.  I’m not a huge fan of pink but this is not quite pink, not silver.  It is my personal favorite of the four colors I made. Th11913049_10153559703902505_753369474_ne Three of Us is a beautiful instrumental found on Welcome to the Cruel World, released in 1994.  It is also the song I chose to walk down the aisle to at my wedding. Significant because my husband and I have one young daughter, who stood between us throughout the ceremony. Just the three of us forevermore.  This pink polish embodies the word love, plain and simple.
Diamonds on the Inside was made to represent the birthstone of September.  From the 20011913028_10153559704017505_402638906_n3 album of the same name.  A sapphire blue is one of my favorite colors to wear. But I added some holographic silver glitter to better suggest the diamonds in the song.  Sometimes we wear our heart on our sleeve, some are too familiar with pain and aren’t always able to put on a good front or say what we mean, but within us there is beauty. There are diamonds on the inside of all of us.
By My Side is originally from his 1994 Fight For Your Mind album. 11949818_10153559703957505_2033073841_n It’s a beautiful song about the fragility of love.  Through thick and thin, we all admit that having our soul mate by our side is sometimes all that matters.   The color is a mirror shifting lavender.   Who doesn’t love a gorgeous purple?  This stunner may sneak up on you as your favorite of the collection.
Waiting on an Angel was going to be a glitter topper that meshed well with all of the base colors but was supposed to represent something heavenly and angelic.  I tried blues and whites, pearls and pinks. Nothing seemed right, so I scooped a few of my favorite glitter colors in a cup and mixed them up.  Waiting on an Angel was born into perfection.  This is a multi-sized, multi-shaped, multi-finished glitter topper.  It turned out it didn’t need to “ma11910733_10153559704087505_885026613_ntch” the other colors to match them.    Purple and green have always been two of my favorite complimenting colors. They were the colors of my wedding.  Whatever the hue, sage lavender, grass green and royal purple, I love them all.  Waiting on an Angel is another oldie from 1994.  When you wear this polish, may it signify that if you have an angel in your life, in theory, you will always find a resting place in their arms.
“Speak kind to a stranger, cause you’ll never know…it just might be an angel come,  a’ knocking at your door…”
I hope you enjoy wearing these polishes as much as I enjoyed making them. The name of this collection is “Gold to Me” the title of another wonderful Ben Harper song. Appropriate because each year is more precious and these perfect polishes that I created for my birth month are like gold, to me.
Let the Beauty You Love be what You Do.

Green Bay Fanicure Tutorial by @bittysweens

I think it’s super important to set up your station before you ever get started on any mani especially when your mani includes nail art. I took this picture after I was finished with my mani which is why it includes the paint on the right hand side. I use a piece of tin foil for my acrylic paints because they tend to dry slowest on foil and it allows me more time. I always pour some polish remover (I use Up&Ups advanced formula – it’s not as tough on my cuticles but still tough enough to clean properly) in the cap (some people also use a small glass bowl that is sold at Sally’s). This way you can easily dip your clean up brush in thIMG_7168e remover. I use ELFs concealer brush ($1 at Target) for my clean up. I also used 2 different nail art brushes for this mani. One with thicker bristles and one that I customized so there are only about 5-6 bristles for detailing.
The gorgeous Joy Lacquer polishes I used for this mani: Game Face, Flip of the Coin, Grid Iron and Pigskin. As well as the amazing base coat (Lay It On Me) and top coat (3…2… Oh! Quick Dry).

Start with a super fresh, clean base. This is after I used Vanish by Julep and pushed my cuticles back. In this phIMG_7113oto I have on Lay It On Me.

Let’s start! On my pointer finger I have on Game Face (a stunning polish – black with holo glitter throughout). On my middle finger I have the ridiculously amazing holo Pigskin. And on my ring and pinky fingers I have on oIMG_7161ne of the prettiest greens I own: Grid Iron.

Let’s start with our football nail!! Joy has these amazing football and helmet vinyls. They can be used as a sticker or a stencil. For this mani, I’m using it as a stencil. I always leave a tiny liIMG_7162ttle tail so I have something to easily grab with tweezers to  pull the vinyl off after applying my next color. In this mani, I’ll use Game Face.

A macro just to show the vinyl up close. And look at that beautiful holo in Pigskin! Stunning!!


Who doesn’t want a holo football on their nails?! That’s right. Everyone wants one. After I painted on Game Face, I pulled the vinyl off immediately (don’t pull UP – always pull towards the direction you’re pulling [if that makes sense] so you don’t get any bleedy spots). If you wait too long and the polish on top starts to dry, when you pull it off, you’ll get stringy polish and it won’t look even. I used the lines on the football already as my guide and painted over them with white to give a true football look.IMG_7163

On my pinkie (which was painted in Grid Iron), I applied a coat of Flip oIMG_7164(1)f the Coin. Can we say gorgeous? Yes. Ridiculous. Amazing. This is only one coat!! Perfect gold glitter topper!!

Now for our Green Bay Packers logo and Cheesehead!!!! Always always always let your acrylic paint dry completely before moving on to your next step. You’ll know it’s dry because it’ll be completely matte. Also, it’s not ever going to look perfect until you apply a top coat. So don’t get discouraged! I used my thicker bristled brush and painted an oval on my pointer finger. Simple enough. For my ring finger, I free handed a cheese shape. I wanted something cartoony. You’ll see it come together as we go on. Again, don’t get discouraged if it dIMG_7165oesn’t look like anything at first. I mixed a touch of white into my yellow for the bottom part of the cheese to give it a more realistic wedge look.

Once my yellow oval was completely dry, I used a green acrylic paint and my thicker bristled brush still to paint a smaller oval right in the center of my yellow oval. Don’t forget to IMG_7166let this dry completely!! It’s especially important with this part to let it dry completely because we will be using white over the green. I’m sure you can imagine what would happen otherwise!! An icky green and white mess.

While waiting for my green oval to dry, I mixed together a bit of brown and yellow paints til I got a sort of Dijon mustardy color. Then I painted a couple dots in different sizes on my cheese. These are the holes in our good ol Packers cheesehead!


And finally, once my dots and my green oval were totally dry, I finished each nail. I used my thicker bristled brush for my white G. To get the really straight lines at the start and end of the G, I went back over with IMG_7158green just on the edges. For my finishing touches on my cheese, I used my thin bristled brush and outlined the whole thing in black.
Make sure your paint is completely 100% dry before applying top coat. If not, your black will bleed into your yellow and the white and green will mix. Obviously I used 3…2…Oh! Quick Dry top coat to finish because AMAZING. I won’t ever use another top coat!!

Want more adorable nail art? Follow Lauren on Instagram @bittysweens.

When she isn’t painting cheese wedges on her nails, Lauren can be found walking the streets of Chicago with her dog, Mooshu, styling hair and eating sushi with her husband.

News from the Lab – August 2015

Joy is headed to the Post Office
Joy is headed to the Post Office

Hi Everyone!!
July was an extremely busy month with getting the late August collection ready and creating beauty box colors for the rest of the year (yes they exist and you just may see sneak peeks of them on our IG page before they are released on the FB page!).

Since day one, I’ve been swamped with custom polish orders.  Having more than a dozen to offer in the Pop Up Boutique means that THAT many people chose Joy Lacquer to turn their inspirations into a tangible creation. That is a real honor!  Custom polish has become, by far my favorite part of this job. I’ve built friendships and it gave me a chance to take risks with colors that wouldn’t have necessarily fit into our other launch lines.

One thing the custom boutique has inspired me to do is create a custom trio for my birthday month in September.  It’s inspired by my absolute favorite musician. Using Ben Harper as my muse means that this collection is near and dear to who I am, and you will see my passion for his music translate to these colors.  If you are as big a fan as I am, you won’t want to miss it!
Let the Beauty You Love Be What You Do.